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Real Smart | Original Creators of Real Estate Training for UBC Exam

Thank you for visiting Real Smart, creators of the Original 5 Week Fast Track Class. Real Smart training classes have been skillfully designed to teach you the entire UBC Real Estate course in an innovative, fun and educational environment. Since we opened the doors in 2000, Real Smart has maintained a proven track record of training success, with over 9,500 students passing the UBC exam!  Please ensure you visit our Testimonials page and listen to the Students,  Real Estate & Mortgage Broker Companies share their experience with Real Smart.

The Real Smart Mission Statement

Real Smart’s commitment is to exceed students expectations by providing exceptional instruction in both classroom and online by offering the latest in educational materials, full-time support in a caring environment. We deliver the education of tomorrow to our students today.

Why are we different?

An old Japanese Proverb says it all: “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

Sandy created Real Smart and its systems of math and law in such a way that everyone can sit back and go “Ah, that is what the UBC material is trying to say”. We strive to bring our students new, current ways to make learning easier and successful.  Workbooks, visual presentations, online and or classroom courses and more.  Real Smart is known and highly respected in this field for creating the most innovative courses that are thoroughly designed to bring the student the most important information condensed down in plain simple English,  even the Math.  But the course would be nothing without our magnificent Instructors.  Each one have been professionally trained and are highly skilled working with adults and each have over 10 years experience teaching these courses for Real Smart.

Real Smart is learner focused.  We eat live and breath this course, so much so Sandy writes the Real Estate exam each year, just to keep her hand it what you will go through.  We understand first hand what you need to learn and what it is going to take to get you to pass.  We know the moves you need to make and we ensure we share with you all our secrets and tricks to help you understand the material and make it memorable.

We understand everyone has different needs. So if you miss a day (or more ) in your class you can make it up in another class or always purchase our amazing one of a kind Online Course for 50% off.

Real Smart Inc. are the original creators of the 5 Week Fast Track Course and revolutionized how training is brought to real estate students in BC.  We introduced our E-Learning Online Interactive Courses using a multi-million dollar platform that is very creative and visually appealing.  Imagine trying a math question in our quizzes and when you get the question wrong, up pops up another video showing and telling you how to do it right.  We have thought of everything you need.  No short cuts for our students.

Our Online Learning Course allows you to study anytime, any pace, any place!  You choose when and how long you want to study for.  Full Support too!

Real Smart is affiliated with many top Real Estate and Mortgage Broker companies such as Remax, Sutton, Century 21, Keller Williams, Landmark, Royal Lepage, Dominion Lending, Invis, Mortgage Group, RBC, CIBC, and BMO, to name a few. Complimentary job search assistance is part of what we offer to ensure you choose the right company for you. We even provide you with a list of the top 10 questions to ask in the interview.


Real estate training is our profession. Helping you succeed is our passion.

Meet the people behind the name Real Smart…

Sandy and her team of Amazing Instructors all believe “Education is a privilege and an investment. Investing in you, means investing in your future.” Real Smart would like to be a part of your educational dream.

Sandy has over 15 years experience as a licensed Realtor, is the Founder and President of Real Smart, and has the educational background to teach adults.  This concept and the Real Smart Training Centres are her brain child.  Wendy brings her extensive experience as the Head Training Director of Western Canada for Homelife Training.  Kenny is a High School Teacher with 2 Masters Degrees, with years of experience teaching for Real Smart.  Jas uses her degree and skills teaching the morning classes and the mortgage math for over 10 years now. Plus she is a Managing Broker herself. Carrie and Michelle share a passion for Real Estate and are Realtors themselves — both well educated and dedicated instructors.   Sandy and her team of instructors are consistently striving to maintain BC’s leading and favourite Real Estate Training Centre so you have the benefit of receiving the BEST Real Estate and Mortgage Broker training available in British Columbia hands down! We have chosen from the beginning to be members of the Better Business Bureau of BC with an A+ rating, so you can be assured you are well taken care of!

Meet Our Instructors

Sandy Brown At Real Smart Real Estate Training

Sandy, President/Owner

Wendy is an Instructor at Real Smart Real Estate Training Centers























The Real Smart Difference Q & A

How long has Real Smart been in business?
Real Smart created the 5 Week concept in 2000. We are very experienced and highly skilled in teaching and some of us write the UBC exam each year to keep on top of things. We have earned and kept our A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau of BC to provide you the best protection for your hard earned money. We are continually working to bring you new and innovative ways to learn, such as our amazing Online Learning Courses. These courses can be taken alone or with a classroom. This is not just a video of the classroom. See the demos on this website.

Are Real Smart classes taught in a classroom or online?
Real Smart provides both in-class and online learning courses. You can also choose to register for our most popular blended program –- a combination of in-class and online learning.

What educational qualifications does Real Smart offer to its students?
The President of Real Smart has an Adult Teaching Certificate – Provincial Instructors Diploma, and many other certificates. All Real Smart instructors have degrees, industry expertise to share, and years of experience teaching  these courses. Our instructors take the UBC exams annually to ensure they are current on what you need to learn to pass and to succeed in the real estate industry.

Can I start a Real Smart Class anytime?
We make your learning our priority. To do this we do not permit new students to join your class. To ensure you are not disrupted with new people entering your classroom all the way through your course and causing distractions and taking your valuable learning time away from you, we start on a set date and end together as a group on a set date. That way everyone is on the same page and our attention is on you!

What’s this Secret to the Math™ about?
Most students find the math to be the most challenging part of the Real Estate course and for many it was the reason they could not pass the final exam. Real Smart has designed an exclusive math system that you start to learn on the first day of class and use throughout the whole course. We make make learning the math easy and fun. We promise you will not only learn the math, but you will love it too.  We actually start you learning the math right away, the first class and every class thereafter, along with the law.  We want you to have the advantage of learning and practising the math throughout the entire course. So when your class is complete, you are now confident with the math.  The worst thing you could do is take a course that offers the math at the end of your course and one that allows new students to join your class anytime.  These disruptions only add stress you don’t need.

What if I don’t understand things after the class ends?

Once our student always our student.  You are encouraged to keep in contact with us right up to your exam day.  We welcome your emails with questions.  You can always hire an instructor for a couple of hours if you like for extra tutoring or take our all day Exam Prep class. Or take the Online Course and have complete access to every lesson of math, law, reviews and 3 timed mock exams and more!

How many Instructors teach  a class?
Real Smart has 5 professional Instructors. You will have one Instructor that will be teaching your class throughout the entire program. For online learning students, instructors are available to answer questions via email.

Is extra help included?
Yes, our in-class instructors make themselves available 30 minutes prior to each class to answer your questions. Online Learning students have full online support.  We also answer all emails and phone calls day, evening and weekends too.

What materials are provided?
The Real Smart Inc. programs all include our  professional workbook with each chapter of the UBC Real Estate and Mortgage Broker courses condensed into key information, simplified formulas, quizzes and reviews. The Online Learning courses also include our workbook in printable format too.

Do you provide job search assistance?
Yes, all the top Real Estate and Mortgage companies work closely with us. We offer our students a connection to companies that are hiring and provide complimentary job assistance, to ensure your success. We do not receive any compensation for this. We want to ensure you work for the best company for you!

How does the Online Learning program work?
Real Smart has developed an innovative Online Learning program which allows students to take the course any time, any place, at any pace using our exclusive Learning Interactive Video Course. Students have 24/7 access to the entire course material and lessons online for 4 months. Visit [online learning] for more details.

What is Real Smart’s success rate?
Real Smart provides students with the best instructors, tools, materials, and support available. Our students work hard and are dedicated to passing the UBC Exam. We have a 95% passing rate and we are finding the success rate to be jumping higher with students taking the Blended Program (Classroom + Online). The Online Learning component reinforces learning during the in-class experience. Some students take our course for interest sake, some for employment and some just never write the exam.  So 95% is an amazing number. We are also always available and this is very important when you are learning. You will have questions and we are here before, during and after class by phone or email to help you.

Why Real Smart?
Well, we designed this entire 5 Week concept and have kept true to our students. We put our students first. How? We don’t disrupt your class learning with new students joining whenever they like. We don’t have an open door policy so you can be assured the classroom is a good and peaceful place to learn and be heard. We welcome questions and conversations. We will be there to teach before and after class, when you need us. We do the math and the law at the same time so you can keep all this information at the top of mind?