Course Descriptions

Real Estate Course –  Online

These courses can be taken Online, In Class, Private or a Combination. The Real Smart Real Estate Course is for anyone who would like to become a licensed Real Estate Representative and sell British Columbia Real Estate. This is NOT a video recording of our classroom! No this is a full educational online course. [More Course Info or to Register…]

Online Real Estate
You have a 24/7 online access our exclusive video course of the UBC Real Estate Trading Services course. We have simplified and broken down each chapter into entertaining Video Lessons of Law, Math, Quizzes, 3- 100 question “timed mock exams”.   Learn at your own pace.  Repeat the video lessons until you are set!  Exam Prep video shows you what & what not to do on the UBC Final exam and more.  This is NOT just a video recording of a classroom like other companies.  This is a professional online course that Sandy herself teaches you through. Plus Full Support is there for you as you go learn.  We are just a click or phone call away!

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4 Months Access
This is our online course that provides students with 24.7 access to the entire Online Real Estate Course for 4 full months. Full course support provided. [More Course Info or to Register…]

UBC Real Estate Assignments
Having our online course comes with the opportunity to ask us for assistance on your assignments, math, law anything you have problems with. Our goal is to ensure you understand the ubc material and provide help to you when you need it the most.

PRE-REQUISITES: The Real Estate Council of BC requires that you first register for the 1 year Real Estate correspondence course at UBC. Some English requirements are mandatory. Visit UBC Sauder School of Business for more information.


The mortgage broker course is offered using our Blended Program. What you do is choose a Day or Evening class and you will also be provided our Online Course as well. Having the combination of classroom and access 24/7 to the Online course plus the full support of online support for any questions you have is the BEST way to learn. The UBC exam is getting tougher and trickier every year and we want you to pass. Anyone wanting to become a licensed Sub-Mortgage Broker in British Columbia, this is the best course for you. Whether you have a wealth of financial or industry experience, challenging the exam, to the person completely changing careers.

Students will have a 24/7 access to the full course of all chapters of law, math, quizzes, reviews, exam prep, tips & tricks and 3 “timed mock exams” with online support.   [More Course Info or to Register…]

Online  4 Months
The Sub Mortgage Brokers online course, students will have 4 months access to the complete course of law, math, quizzes, reviews, exam prep and 3 “Timed Mock Exams, plus online support. The Real Smart Workbook is included online. No travel, complete privacy. This is a great course for those wanting to get through the course faster and save money doing so. Support is only an email away.   [More Course Info or to Register…]

PRE-REQUISITES: The Real Estate Council of BC & FICOM requires that you first register for the Sub Mortgage Broker correspondence course at UBC. Some English requirements are mandatory. Visit UBC Sauder School of Business for more information.


The “Exam Prep” is 4 hours of private learning. You can choose to be in a classroom with an Instructor or stay at home and be taught over the internet with Sandy. Once you register we will call you to arrange a time and location to begin your “Exam Prep”. This is a must to review the course, prepare you for the exam, and see if you are truly ready to write the UBC exam. You will receive our honest expert opinion whether you are ready or not.

Exam Prep is just that. We cover the highlights of math and law. We will also teach you to catch any tricky questions because we have many years experience writing the exam. After taking this “Exam Prep” course you’ll know what to do and what NOT to do. You will learn about two (2) key insights to the exam that are so powerful they could mean a pass or fail PLUS you will be provided a mock test complete with answer key. Going through the assignments and doing some ESG questions is not usually enough; you must understand what exam questions are being asked and have a solid math system you can count on — all part of the Real Smart “Exam Prep” course. Get prepared. Pass don’t fail or fail again! [More Course Info or to Register…]


Real Smart’s Online Course is a Complete FULL Course. This is a stand alone course that is absolutely more than enough to learn the entire UBC chapters. We teach you every chapter of Law, Math, Quizzes, Reviews, Exam Prep and 3 “timed mock exams” just as if you were sitting in our class. Plus you have our full support when you have questions on all course content.

Online Learning is for anyone who prefers to learn at their own pace, doesn’t want the travel to classes, or anyone who learns best by repetition. We follow the UBC Manuals chapters visually teaching you the most important material by simplifying it, but never compromising anything, using our interactive video slides. Sit back and follow our Course Outline that will show you what to study each lesson and how to study as well. Take a quiz after each lesson to see how you are doing. Want to repeat the lesson, no problem. Repetition is yours! You choose the Full Online Course or maybe you just need help with just the Online math only. Listen to the Video above and Watch the DEMOS!

Flexibility. Convenience. Accelerated learning. You choose the place and the pace with full support! [More info & Online Demos…] or [To Register…]


Real Smart’s In-Class courses are designed by qualified educational professionals, for the every day person. We know it has been years since you last stepped foot in a classroom. You are who we designed our courses for. We make sure our students “understand” the concepts through fun, visual PowerPoint Slides that break down the most important information from each chapter of the UBC Course book. The Math is what we are famous for! Real Smart has its own math system “Secret to the Math” ™ that everyone (yes, even if you hate math) will love our math system, unique only to Real Smart. Plus, we start the math day one making it easy to learn a little each class along with the law. Students are provided at no cost our Real Smart Workbook with all the chapters condensed down. Special handouts and access to Online Learning for 50% off. Classes are limited in seating to ensure a better learning environment for you, and instructors remain consistent throughout your in-class experience. Your instructor arrives 30 minutes before class to answer your questions on assignments, math or any question you may have throughout the entire course. Plus, you can always email or call Sandy herself who is always available to help you.

Classroom: Day, Evening, Online, Private (in class or online) or a combination. Miss a class? We will do our best to let you make it up in another class free! Which ever way you choose, Real Smart has been Voted #1 Best in BC by our students. A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Rest assured you will be receiving the best education to ensure you Pass! [More Course Info or to Register…]


Most Popular Option! Real Smart’s COMBO Course (Real Estate or Mortgage Broker) is a combination of the In-Class experience with Full Online Course so you get the best of both worlds. You choose what classroom course you would like to attend. Either the 5 Week Day or 7 Week Evening. Have the advantage of coming in the classroom 30 minutes early every class for free extra help from the Instructor. Also network with the same class group all the way through. Plus, we provide you with the Online Full Course for 1/2 price and extend the length of the Online course to 4 months providing you with 24/7 access. Now you can learn the lessons before class, repeat the lessons after class and have an amazing one of kind study tool after the classroom course is over. This is truly an exceptional way to work through your UBC assignments, reinforce your learning, repeat the lessons of math and law until you are satisfied you understand it all. Then test yourself with our 3 “Timed Mock Exams” See if you are ready for the UBC Final Exam. Don’t forget, we are your support not if, when you have questions, because we know you will! [More Course Info or to Register….]


Want to be taught the Course by Sandy herself over the Internet? This is our Private Elite Course taught online from your computer to mine!. You can work in a quiet and calm setting moving through the lessons at your own pace where all the attention is on you right from the comfort of your home. We can slow down, repeat material or speed up; it’s your choice! Great tips, tricks and insights are provided. Start anytime you like. Dates and times are flexible. To register, call us at 604-313-4878 or register here in the Real Smart online store. PLUS Get the Online FREE and have a 4 months access to repeat your leaning, test yourself on quizzes, reviews and 3 timed mock exams.

Real Smart’s Private Elite Course offers up to 30 hours of private instruction and is similar to the classroom structure, but the focus is on you and your learning style. The Private Elite Course is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want the restrictions of a group learning environment or would like to maintain anonymity. Lessons are scheduled around your needs; days, evenings, or weekends. You’ll get flexible hours, flexible training and one on one attention. And just to be sure you are ready for the UBC Exam, we’ll give you 2 more hours of private instruction just before you write at no charge.

Real Smart’s Hourly Tutoring is available for all chapters of law and math calculations, assignments, exam prep.. anything you need. Only want to learn the math? With our many years of experience, we recommend you take the whole course; if you prefer we have private hourly tutoring available. Our instructors will work around your schedule at your own pace. Please note – there is a 2 hour minimum for hourly tutoring. [More Course Info or to Register…]