Refund & Guarantee Policy

The Real Smart Promise

At Real Smart Inc. we try our very best to provide our students with a fair and amiable promise. We know you will be working hard and so will we. We stand behind our courses. We are open and upfront about the policy to ensure each student feels safe and secure knowing their education and financial commitment is put in the hands of the best professional training company in this industry.

We are very proud to be the only Real Estate Training Company in BC that are members and have the accreditation with the Better Business Bureau of BC to prove our commitment to our students with an A+ rating!

You are working hard towards the goal of passing and we want you to be ensured that if you approach the course correctly, work hard, focus on the structure we set out for you in class or online and happen to fail the UBC exam, we would like to offer you the opportunity to come back a new Real Smart Classroom. Some restrictions apply, please see below. So below are the policies for Classroom and Online. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call us.

Please be extremely cautious & careful with “loose” guarantees. Make sure that what is being offered to you is in writing on their website or you are at least provided something in writing. Do you really want to repeat the course over and over again, just because the guarantee says you can come back as often as you want, or do you want to pass with a company that has the proven track record to ensure you do?

Real Smart is an incorporated company; with the commercial unit of our Head Training Center in Surrey. We are the people who created this whole 5 week concept and completely revolutionized the Real Estate and Mortgage Broker Pre-Licensing Course to the way it’s taught today. We are pretty proud of that. We have been here for 18 years, we are not going anywhere. In fact, we just keep bringing you and this industry better and more effective educational tools to make learning this course easier.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Collection, use, disclosure and retention of information must comply with the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Collected personal information will only be used to fulfill the purpose for which it was originally collected. Real Smart will not disclose information regarding student registration information to any third part without a student’s written permission. Real Smart students may sign a waiver upon class commencement for the purposes for advertising & promoting purposes as they see fit. Students will waive all rights claims now and in the future for advertising/promotions purposes only. Any student that is not comfortable with this can let us know and may leave the classroom if any photographs will be taken that day. Real Smart does not take any monetary or other gifts, money or other from any persons we refer our students to, such as Real Estate or Mortgage Brokerages, just good sound advice.

We will always let you know ahead of time if photos will be taken and we ask for your permission first to publish what you might say about your Real Smart experience.


Bulletins are posted to the Course Resources Webpage of UBC. These may outline significant revisions to the course materials and assignments. Students are responsible for the material contained in any posted bulletins. Real Smart takes no responsibility for any changes to the course material, corrections to the course implemented through UBC. Real Smart will take every effort to ensure all material is correct and up to date. But ultimately each student is responsible for any updates UBC may implement.

Classroom Policy
If you happen to fail the UBC Exam, you are welcome to a new Real Smart Classroom Course for 50% off the current fee within 1 year of your course ending, after that we offer a 25% discount! This policy overrides any other offers that were provided in classroom, online, in person or over the phone: as this is subject to change without notice.
NOTE: Proof of failure from UBC is mandatory for all students. There are no exceptions. If students miss classes, stop attending or do not complete their assigned class for any reason, they are welcomed back into a new classroom anytime within 1 year for 50% off current classroom fee.

COMBO Policy – Classroom & Online

If a student is registered in the Real Smart COMBO Course, which consists of the classroom and online course, and then fails the UBC exam the same polices apply as above. The online portion of the course will follow the online policy requirements as provided here (see below) and on the Home Page of the Online Course visible 24/7 of the Online Course.

Classroom Policies
There are no recording devices of any kind permitted in class or online or on laptops, ipods, ipads etc. If a student is caught, they will be expelled permanently from class and all material will be taken back and no monies will be refunded.

No illegal activities are permitted in the Real Smart Classroom or any off site locations of Real Smart or grounds. This includes any vehicles on the Real Smart grounds. If illegal activities are discovered the student will be asked to leave the course permanently with no refunds and material will be taken away.

All Real Smart Instructors have been fully trained and are very experienced teaching the courses. Instructors are assigned specific classroom dates and locations which a student may inquire before class starts. Real Smart has the right to change the Instructor before classes start or while in class. Although we do our best to have 1 Instructor teach the entire class assigned, Real Smart reserves the right to either replace or substitute an instructor part way, some of or the entire course as needed. Students are not permitted their fee returned or additional instructions and the cause to take another class due to the change of instructors. Regardless of how the students feels about the new instructor. The same material is being presented to the students and they must just adjust to the new teaching style and do their best to learn.

Cancellation, Refund or Transfer

Please ensure you read these policies below, clearly so you understand and there is no confusion.

Cancellation, Refund or Move Classes: 7 Days Prior to Class. A Registered Real Smart student may cancel and or transfer to another class or receive a refund for the fee they paid, less $50.00 administration fee as long as the cancellation is in writing (email) to us 7 days BEFORE the first day of class starting. After which time, a student will receive a 50% refund if cancellation occurs anytime BEFORE 7 days prior to class starting but NOT including the first day of class.. If you cancel your class registration within 1 week (7 days) before the class starts this policy is in effect – No cancellation with a 50% fee loss. If you cancel before 1 week (7 days) of class starting, a FULL Refund is available.

NOTE: There will be NO cancellations/refunds or moving to another class the day of class. If a student does not show up for first class then calls to cancel or wants to be moved to another class, their fee is not refundable or transferable. As mentioned above this can be done 7 days prior to class starting, but not the day of. A student will be permitted to move to a new class for 50% of the course fee. Instructors have been paid, classroom has been rented and material purchased for each student registered. 

Example: Class starts on Monday, April 16 – 7 days before the first day of class starting, would be April 9th we would have had to receive in writing a cancellation. Instructors and rooms are booked, material is paid to ensure you the best learning possible.

Classes Missed or Students leaving class:
If a registered real smart student misses a class will we do our best to have you “Make Up”  that class missed by attending another class. TIf a student stops attending classes part way through the course, it is recommended they register for the Online Course providing them with 4 months of access to the course. Or they can attend a brand new class with a 50% discount at any time.

NON Refundable Fees: Once a registered Real Smart student has been provided the Real Smart material (paid his/her fee), the Real Smart classroom course fee is non-refundable, regardless if the class has started or not.   If a student would like to repeat a class, this is possible with a 50% discount within 1 year.

Once the Real Smart classroom has started, a course cannot be put on hold and taken at a later date and is non transferrable. Classroom time (such as a student missed 2 weeks of class ) cannot be made up in classes currently running or future classes.  The student should take the Online course with a 50% discount.


Online Course Policy

If an Online Student fails the UBC exam they are welcomed back to a new Online Course for 50% off the current full price.

NOTE:   Proof of failure of the UBC exam must be supplied to Real Smart before the new 50% off course starts.

st If the student takes the Online course for the second time and fails the UBC exam again, the student may take the Online course again for 50% off the current course fee, again proof of failure from ubc must be provided.

Real Smart & Pacific Online Learning Online Policy

The Online Course content is brought to by Real Smart Real Estate Tutorial Services Inc.

Collection of Funds
All funds paid using the Real Smart Online website for the Full Online Course are in Canadian funds, plus applicable Government Tax. (GST)

Real Smart does not collect student information for any purpose other than for the registration purposes of a Real Smart course. No information about a student will be provided to any third party at any time unless requested to by a court order subpoena or a written document from a lawyer with the student’s written authorization. We do not provide any information about a student to other students.

Online Course Cancellation
The online course is non refundable upon purchase, regardless if you open it or not. Time starts upon purchase, not when you open it. Students must ensure they have the most current version of the browser they are using, clear the cache weekly to be able to receive current updated material and understand the rules on the mock exams explained to them prior to taking them. Mock exams can be opened once. Do not open the mock exam even for 1 minute unless you are ready to take the exam, as the computer will consider this as 1 attempt.
Course Extension
If for any reason a student finds they require more time to complete the online course, please email:
ask for an extension. Extension fees are applicable, without exception. These fees also apply to In Class students taking the Blended Program as well.

Online Course Refund – Holds or Transfers
Refund – The online course is non-refundable once purchased. Please ensure you mark down the date your course expires and work within that time frame.
Holds – The Online course cannot be put on hold.
Transfers- The Online course is the registered students name only and cannot be transferred to another student.

Use of Computers Sharing
The online course is only issued to the student who registered through us. If a student shares this information with another we hold the right to cancel a student’s enrolment with no refund given.
1) The registered student will be billed $100 per hour for a technical member to resolve the any problems resulting from computer sharing, at the discretion of Real Smart.

Copying or using the Online program in any manner other than the reason the course is intended for, is Intellectual Theft and is against the law. Anyone caught doing so will be prosecuted to the fullest of the law and will be expelled from all access to the online or in class course and no monies will be refunded.

Although Real Smart does their very best to bring you the most up to date and correct content, they are not responsible to any material that may otherwise be incomplete, wrong or changed. All students should be referring to the UBC Sauder School of Business website weekly to read the Bulletins with any changes or corrections to the course material. Students MUST “Clear the Cache” weekly to receive updated material.

During your Online course a student may experience interruptions with the online platform for maintenance, upgrades or technical glitches. Although we don’t anticipate this to happen, being as this is a computer system, some technical things are beyond our control. POL will work swiftly to correct any online problems if they arise. This does not however, affect the students learning and does not qualify a student for a free extension.

Online Computer Problems | Login Difficulties | Forgotten Passwords
The Online course comes with a Technical Support and Course Content Support. You can email either one for assistance throughout your online course.

If you experience technical difficulties, log on issues, or any computer type problems, you are to email Tech Support immediately and a request will be logged and a tech member will respond within 24 hours of your request.

Real Smart is not responsible to the maintenance and care and software of your personal computer you are using for the online program or for the educational level of the user when using computers. It will assume anyone registering for an Online course will have a good working knowledge of such. It is not Real Smart’s responsibility to teach the user the basic skills of using and manipulating an online course.

Every student Online must use the course as stated. Going back to the mock exams or stopping and starting the mock exams part way will cause an issue. Students can be charged $100 per hour for a Tech Member to solve this issue if the cause was found to be something the student directly caused.

Online Mock Exams
The Mock Timed Exams can ONLY be taken once. Plus they cannot be stopped part way through, and then continued on at a later time. Stopping and starting the program will throw it out and you will not see the correct results and experience problems. If you choose to go back and try taking them again and call us asking this to be fixed, again there will be a fee of $100 per hour to fix this, even if we can’t. Mock exams are just those exams you take once to see if you passed. The quizzes you can take as many times as you like.

NOTE: If a student is caught using, selling, distributing, teaching, sharing, the Real Smart material, in class or online for any reason other than the purpose for which is was purchased, this is called Intellectual Theft and the student will be processed under the law. All material of Real Smart is copyrighted and trademarked. No copying, laminating, photocopying, filming, and recording of any kind it permitted.

If a student purchases the online program, they are permitted to use the program for their learning purposes only and is not permitted to distribute to anyone else. If a student tries to use the online program with two computers the student takes the responsibility of the program crashing and will be charged the fee of $100 per hour of our time to try to fix the problem, if possible. This may cause the students system to crash and the student may lose the course completely or pay full price again.

 These policies may be updated without notice.

Contact us at 604-597-8925 or via email at